God wants us to see that wrong thinking about His presence can lead us to idolatry.

The Only Gospel

September 1, 2019
The only gospel is that of God's free grace in Christ.

Are You A True Disciple?

August 25, 2019
A true disciple will follow Jesus even when it isn't easy while a false disciple will stumble over Jesus and eventually go their own way.

When fear, worry, and anxiety come, be reminded that Christ is with us, Christ is in control, Christ knows, and Christ is the cure.

Since Christ's return is imminent, make your days count by living, loving and serving to the glory of God.
God often calls His people to submit humbly and suffer patiently so that unbelievers will see His great worth and believe His great gospel.
When you see Christ as precious, you can serve Him and spread His glory abroad.
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