Sovereign Electing Love

January 5, 2019
God's sovereign election will humble all men so that they will not boast in themselves, but in God's mercy, and therefore magnify and exalt the glory of God's name in…

Courage in Christ

December 29, 2018
The courage in Christ we need to live out our calling is rooted in the immense glory of our God and must be reinforced daily by the Word of God.
The greatness of God's love for us in Christ is seen in the costliness of His self-sacrifice for the wholly undeserving.

Come and Worship God’s Son

December 16, 2018
God would have you come and join the nations in the worship of His Son

He is Worthy to be Praised

December 8, 2018

In the church, the more we realize everything belongs to Christ, the less reasons we have to divide.

By God's power, you can glorify Him by always giving thanks for all things.
Following Christ secretly is foolish for it brings little assurance and lingering regrets.
Christ's church is about Him, so His church must display His character clearly, build on His gospel exclusively and exhibit His holiness attractively.