For the sake of the gospel, the church, and the sinner, the church must remove professing believers who persist in their sin.
Choose to receive loving correction from the spiritual father God puts in your life
If we are to avoid the dangers of worldly pride we must embrace the foolish way of the cross.
Because your conscience is only as reliable as the knowledge you give it, you must be careful to never go beyond what is written in God's Word.
Gods wants His church to remember that the evaluation of a minister's faithfulness ultimately belongs to neither the congregation nor the minister, but to Christ alone.

Sovereign Electing Love

January 5, 2019
God's sovereign election will humble all men so that they will not boast in themselves, but in God's mercy, and therefore magnify and exalt the glory of God's name in…

Courage in Christ

December 29, 2018
The courage in Christ we need to live out our calling is rooted in the immense glory of our God and must be reinforced daily by the Word of God.