God often calls His people to submit humbly and suffer patiently so that unbelievers will see His great worth and believe His great gospel.
When you see Christ as precious, you can serve Him and spread His glory abroad.
Believers' new lives in God transform them to love like God.

Begotten to Love

June 23, 2019
The believer's new life from God transforms them to love like God.
Men are to be the servant-leaders God made them to be and Christ calls them to be.
The believer's appropriate response to God's saving grace in Christ is to live in hope, holiness and fear

God wants us to persevere in the Christian life by fearing God and embracing Christ in order that we would endure all the way home.
Mothers, when God permits mistreatment in your home, God wants your hope in the blessing He promises you to help you show the mercy He produces in you.