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When you discipline yourself to serve the Lord by His power and provision, you will serve faithfully, dependently, passionately, and confidently.
Discipline yourself to give cheerfully because God is delighted by your hope in Him to sufficiently supply all you need to give generously.
God has given you work to do, so glorify God in your work.
Fasting is how God's people are to express and channel their holy discontent in a fallen world and longing for more of God and His grace in Christ.
Prayer is the heart dedicated to God sincerely pouring itself out to God according to the Word of God.
The godly man humbly and freely brings all his needs to God, believing he will find grace daily and joy increasingly in God's presence.

God is Always Enough

May 10, 2020
You are not enough, but you are indwelt by the One who always enough.
Those who discipline themselves to delight in God's Word will display the beauty of God's Son in their life.