TCBC Outdoor Services

Dear church family,

In accordance with state and county guidelines, TCBC will begin having our Sunday morning services outside in the parking lot in front of the church. We are doing a few things in order to avoid the heat and direct sun.

  • First, we are starting our service at an earlier time. The morning service will begin at 8:45 AM instead of our usual start time of 10:15 AM.
  • Second, we are putting up as many pop-up shade tents as we can acquire. If you have any you can make available for our use, please contact one of the elders.It is our intention to still livestream our service, but we cannot guarantee that just yet.
  • Third, we plan to organize the parking lot to have a zone reserved for any individuals or families that wish to have no contact with anyone else.   You may either sit outside in your own chairs or remain in your vehicle during the service.  See this photo for parking lots along with seating for casual and strict social distancing.  There is also a zone for those who wish to remain in their vehicles.






Please wear a mask to and from your seat, but you will not be required to wear a mask while seated outside during the worship service.

Until further notice, we will only be having a morning service.  We will announce when evening services will resume.